Is Orkut Going to Be banned in India

There are a lot of messages and rumors going around the net about Orkut going to be banned in India. The government in 2006 experimented with blocking selected sites in India like they do in China but due to our power full write of press laws the government failed bitterly.

There is no explicit provision in the IT Act, 2000 for blocking of websites. In fact, blocking is considered to be censorship; hence it can be challenged if it restricts the freedom of speech and expression. But websites promoting hate, contempt, slander or defamation of others, promoting gambling, promoting racism, violence and terrorism, pornography and violent sex can reasonably be blocked since all such websites cannot claim the Fundamental Right of free speech and expression.

So what the above quoted text means is that even if orkut is banned a Public interest litigation will result in the removal of the same. Maximum what can happen is deletion of some communities that are otherwise also non social in nature. Some body or group who doesn't have the maturity to understand that they have no right to defame or spread violence about any other person or group is not a social being. The essence of society is the understanding that there are others and that they are different from you but that doesn't mean your are inferior to them nor are they superior to you. Most importantly that you are not superior to them either. So from what happened in 2006 when they tried to ban blogger as whole, they failed utterly and had to withdraw from the measure, they will only be successful in removing communities from Orkut and these communities will more or less non social in nature.

So don't worry orkut is here to stay. Whether some like it or not .

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