Your Teen and the Internet

The Internet the most powerful tool available to any one, is it safe ? If not why is it not safe ? Who makes it unsafe? What threats does it pose to your teen?

Lets consider how safe the net is.As much as content matters, mostly, if you stick on to the popular sites you wont encounter inappropriate content unless you look for it, that is , compared to the TV you find less inappropriate content at the first look.Does that justify saying that there is no inappropriate content on these popular sites. No that is in no way true even on very reputed sites you will find Porn, spam, and other such inappropriate content. So the net is not exactly a safe place but no public place can be considered safe, can we ?

What is not safe is important. There are sites online providing counseling about sex but there are also sites online showing child pornography. So its more about what you choose to see than what is available on the net. OK its a totally different story when it comes to scamster's and stalkers which we will handle in another article. If a teen chooses to see the child pornography then you could say the Internet is not safe but if he chooses to use the counselling service then its safe and just not safe but also socially productive.

Studies have shown that out of the total traffic on the Internet around 45% or more is being used to transmit pornography another 10 % for other inappropriate content. So its not easy for a teenager not to encounter such stuff online. The curious nature of the age will force them to explore an inviting lure that might pop up in the form of an ad. Now there begins the story that is fuelling one of the worlds biggest illegal industry. These illegal businesses are the one who are making the Internet , otherwise beneficial tool , into a multi level system that is degenerating the next generation and producing a huge group of perverts.

The most important and the best measure to protect your teen from such content is to talk to them. Teach them about sex, relationships, values and so on your self don't let their peers do your job. Remember they don't access the Internet just from home so securing your home computer does not mean that they are safe. So it would be wiser to invest some time on your teens than installing expensive software.

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